Friday, September 5, 2008

Monday, September 1, 2008

Tolorance V.S. Love

Photo by ilker .

Maintaining the difference between tolerance and love can be a terrible ordeal. There are many things is this world that are not to be tolerated, period. But there are many people in this world to be loved. So how do you love someone even when what they do is wrong without actually tolerating what they are doing?

So you work at a bar. Working there and serving drinks isn't wrong. But being there and watching out for the people who's lives might be a bit
tougher than yours is right and may even help a few out of the substance abuse they can't help.

The best example is the greatest prophet the world has or ever will have loving a whore without tolerating her practices.

By seeing the person on the inside and loving them into freedom, you are not tolerating their practices, you are loving the real person out of the wrong they are living in.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Terribly Sad Puppies

So, we went back to the shelter to try to adopt the puppy (no, that's not her picture). There was only one other couple there to try to win the raffle for her as well. The other couple won. We went back into the rest of the shelter to see the adult dogs (yes, there is a darling in there I would like to save, but we'll see, I'm hesitant about an adult dog I have no knowledge about). When we were on our way back we passed the puppy room while a staff member was posting a sign on the door. "Quarantined"! Very startled I asked the woman what the illness was, "parvo virus". I was shocked, none of these puppies will have been vaccinated because this shelter is still in the contract process with a local vet for the shots. Meaning that the little darling we'd been trying to adopt was very likely infected. So sad. Puppies can survive and often do when treated correctly, but in a shelter with low funding there is no gurentee of treatment being given. I'm pretty sure the couple who had won the one puppy were keeping her, I hope they did. So, we were protected in the end from huge vet bills or even a tragic loss. But now we must keep our distance from all dogs who are 6 months and youger unless they have been vaccinated because we are likely carriers for 9 months! Well, guess we won't be getting a puppy any time soon.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Writing again!

It has been so very very long since I was last writing my book, but I am finally back at it. So, here is an excerpt, hope you enjoy.

Violent silence. The sea swelled and boiled angrily as the salty wind ragged against the water's surface. She knew what she was supposed to hear as she watched the scene below her, but her senses were confused. There was no sound. The air felt as dry and hot as the scorched desert, yet it was also frigid and heavy with the salty dew of the sea. Her limbs were heavy and ached, yet she felt she was as thin and light as air. And from one minute to the next she was never sure if she smelled the spiced fragrance of blooming airbortai, or the sharp scent of the sea soaked granite cliff she was standing on. Then she understood. A dream.

'Kate, you’re in a dream, just relax.' She told herself. 'Just receive the message and then wake up.' Her dreams had become rather extraordinary of late. As a lohairmin, a future seer, she should be used to such extraordinary things happening. But the gift had never affected her dreams in such a manner before.

Her attention was abruptly drawn back to the scene before her for she had been unexpectedly flung from the cliff and out over the angry sea. She was frozen in mid air for a full second then dropped to her doom with more force than a lead covered stone pulled by gravity. She released an anguished scream with eyes closed, but a minute passed then another, and she hadn't felt the sea engulf her or the jagged rocks beneath its surface tare her to bloody shreds. Opening her eyes Kate was stunned to see that she was in fact soaring above the roaring silent waves. She looked to where she was being taken and saw that she was approaching a distant spit of land. She recognized this storm ravaged place. It was the main land, the nation her ancestry had descended from. Cyghlehi. It was the name it had been granted for what it had once been hundreds of years before, a place of light. Now it sat uselessly wealthy, lonely, and forgotten by what had once filled it with that light. Kate shook her head as a few tears for what had been lost fell from her cool silvery blue eyes and dropped to the blackened sea far below. She was startled by the suddenness of a voice like that of distant rolling thunder in her silent dream as it spoke a familiar prophesy to its young lohairmin.

“What was lost may still yet be found. Light is coming again, though it will be every increasingly shadowed for a while before. You know The Light is never lost forever, if only a choice is made. Look to the Miyahlin, there a way has been fashioned.”

Kate smiled for she had heard these words spoken before, though it had been nearly ten years before during her eleventh summer, and she had forgotten them till now. She still did not understand what a Miyahlin might be, but she knew she would when the time came; she always did. Hope flowed over and through her like warm honey; there was still a way, and it was coming swiftly.

Oh my!

So puppy feaver has struck! Joe and I have been looking for some time for a small puppy to add to our home. Unfortunatly the breaders are hard to find out here and so many of them are for labs and chihuahuas. We love labs, but their energy and size are to great. chihuahuas...I don't want to step on the tiny thing! Plus we'd like a bit more inteligence. So we looked at Boston Bull Terriers. Very cute, sweet temperment and good size. But...$350 each?! Wow! So then we went to the local animal shelter. They have been full for some time and now must euthanize some of the older residence. We found many great dogs, but most too big for our appartment. But then there was one puppy that, oh my goodnes, really caught my attention. Clearly contains boxer (in her face and color) but her chest is narrow, her feet tiny and skinny like a terrior, and her ears are rounded and drooped like a beagle. She is only 1 month old and fits in my one hand. She instantly needed snuggles when I picked her up (I think the noise from the other residence was too scary for a pup that small without her mommy) and when I got her outside to walk her she was instantly ready to play. Unfortunatly too many people want her and so come Tuesday she will be raffeled off. I'm going to try it! If we are not ment to have her we won't win and I will take it as her Creator saying, she needs to be with a different family. Not entirely sure, but if we get her I think her name might be Mimi, which means wished for and spiritual passion.